Swimming school on Kungsholmen, Kungsholmstorg

Baby swimming, swimming school & adult swimming on Kungsholmen

Our own swimming pool is located at Södra Agnegatan 20, Kungsholmstorg. The pool is 6×12 meters and maintains a comfortable temperature of 33-34°C.

Here we have courses in baby swimming, splash & play, swimming lessons, swimming schools for children from 4 years and adult swimming.

Welcome to Kungsholmen, Kungsholmstorg!

  • Entrance is at Södra Agnegatan 20.

  • Ordinary street parking.
  • Prams are locked to the ramp down to the bath.
  • Cots for the youngest children are available in or outside the changing rooms.
  • If you don’t want to wash your hair before a bath for some reason, put it up properly and wear a bathing cap on top of your dry hair. If you wash your hair before a bath and put it up properly, you don’t need to wear a bathing cap.
  • Here, one adult per child can be in the pool.

  • Lockers are available. Locks for lockers are needed. Bring your own or buy on site.

In Kungsholmen we have all swimming courses for children and adults, schools and swimming camps.

More information about the different courses:

Babysim 3-12 months

Here, you and your child take the first steps together towards the lifelong security and joy of swimming.

Splash & Play 1 – 2 years

We build water habits through fun games and songs.

Simlekis 2 – 5 years

Through fun and games, we teach children of all ages to learn to swim according to their abilities.

Swimming school from 4 years

Through fun and games, we teach children of all ages to learn to swim according to their abilities.

Adult swimming in a group

We have courses for both beginners and for those who want to improve their skills in the different swimming styles.

Crawl courses

Förskolor & Skolor

Vi har stor erfarenhet av att ta emot förskoleklasser och skolklasser.

Private lessons

For those who want an individually tailored swimming lesson, we offer private swimming lessons.

Swimming camp

Trampoolin offers swimming camps for children between 5-10 years in our facility at Kungsholmsstorg.

Get your swimming tags

1 swimming badge is included and buying more badges costs 60 SEK each

We usually have 4-6 opportunities per year to take their badges. If you go to private lessons, you can take swimming badges there if you want.

Available at selected pools.

Rent the whole pool!

Come and swim with family and friends. Here you have the opportunity to have the whole pool to yourself. You have access to the pool for 1 hour, toys and swimming equipment are available for use. The booking is valid for up to 10 people, if you are more than that, an additional 150 SEK per person will be charged. We recommend a maximum of 12 people. The pool is warm and lovely, after the swim you can buy toast, sausages and festis in the café. To rent the pool costs 1950 kr.

Cancellations must be made in writing to info@trampoolin.com at least 24 hours before the booked time. A cancellation fee of 500 SEK will be charged for the booked time. Also in case of cancellation in time. In case of non-cancellation, the full amount will be charged.

Swimming party / Children’s party

Have your next children’s party at Kungsholmstorg and organise a cool pool party that no one will ever forget.

Here you will find our pool on Kungsholmen