Swimming school in Gamla Stan, Storkyrkobadet

Swimming school in Gamla Stan at Storkyrkobadet

Welcome to Storkyrkobadet! In the middle of the Old Town, Storkyrkobadet is located in the basement of the Estonian School. The baths have existed since 1932. The water is 28 degrees and the pool is 12 x 5 m and 1 meter deep.

Here we offer courses in swimming school from 4 years and up, steps 1-3. Our groups are small and we have classes with and without a parent in the water. Swimming school stages 1 and 2 are with a parent in the water and we also have swimming school stages 2 and 3 without a parent in the water/UF. We also have adult groups for beginners.

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Welcome to Gamla Stan, Storkyrkobadet!

In Gamla Stan, we have swimming schools for children aged 4 years and above. We also offer adult courses. 

More information about the different courses:

Swimming school from 4 years

Through fun and games, we teach children of all ages to learn to swim according to their abilities.

Adult swimming in a group

We have courses for both beginners and for those who want to improve their skills in the different swimming styles.

Here you can find Storkyrkobadet in Gamla Stan