A warm welcome to a joyful moment in the pool

The highlight of the week for the whole family!

Swimming, a vital skill

Babyswim: 3 months – 1 year

By joining us for baby swimming, you give your child the opportunity to create a good relationship with water, which is a prerequisite for learning to swim at an early age. Here, you and your child take the first steps together towards the lifelong security and joy of swimming. While having a nice time in the pool, you will also have the opportunity to meet other children and parents.

Miniswim: 1 – 5 years

By joining our Mini swim, your child will get the water experience and water fun needed to learn to swim at an early age.

Together we practice the exercises that form the basis of swimming skills. The child gains knowledge that they carry with them for the rest of their lives. We know that children who have fun learn better, so all our teaching is done in a playful way.

Swimming school from 4 years

Being able to swim gives children security and freedom. Through fun and games, we teach children of all ages to learn to swim according to their abilities.

It is important to us that everyone has the opportunity to learn to swim in a safe environment.

The lessons are characterised by versatility and variety with a strong element of play.

Adult courses

Swimming is one of the better ways to improve your health, as water exercise is gentle on your body.

Whether you are a beginner and want to learn to swim from scratch or just want to improve your swimming skills, we have courses to suit. We also have beginner and advanced crawl courses for adults. Our courses are small groups and the instructor is in the pool. We always put the student’s conditions and needs in focus and design the lessons accordingly. If private lessons suit you better, we also have that, where you get individual training with an instructor.

Private lessons

For those who want an individually tailored swimming lesson, we offer private swimming lessons. All our swimming instructors are trained and experienced in teaching swimming.

Regardless of previous water knowledge, you are welcome to join us.

Private lessons are suitable for both beginners who need to learn to swim from scratch and for those who are proficient swimmers and want to improve their skills and technique.

Sibling groups: 3 months-5 years

Want a fun, educational and cosy activity for the whole family?
Then our sibling groups are for you!

Our sibling groups are for all families with children under swimming school age! The groups are small and the instructor adapts the teaching so that all children get appropriate exercises. Some parts are done together with the whole group and some exercises are specific to the different children in the group. One parent is with each child in the water.

Swimming camps: 5-10 years

Trampoolin offers swimming camps for children between 5-10 years in our facility at Kungsholmsstorg. Our swimming camp is an active camp where children swim two sessions a day with only 2 children per instructor. The week is filled with fun activities and exciting challenges.

Summer courses

Intensive courses – at several of our facilities we offer intensive courses where you swim 2 days a week for 3.5 weeks. Intensive courses usually start at the end of May and always end before midsummer. By getting more continuity in swimming we develop faster, a very fun and educational course that we highly recommend. We offer different courses in different pools, but there is something for everyone. Check what applies in your particular pool.