New! Swimming school in the Old Town!

Welcome to Storkyrkobadet! In the middle of the Old Town, Storkyrkobadet is located in the basement of the Estonian School. The baths have existed since 1932. The water is 28 degrees and the pool is 12 x 5 m and 1 meter deep.

Here we offer courses in swimming school from 4 years and up, steps 1-3. Our groups are small and we have classes with and without a parent in the water. Swimming school stages 1 and 2 are with a parent in the water and we also have swimming school stages 2 and 3 without a parent in the water/UF. We also have adult groups for beginners.

Are you interested in private lessons for you or your child? Email us and we’ll help you find something great!

Swim during the Christmas holidays! 

We are open at Kungsholmstorg during the Christmas holidays.

During the Christmas holidays we are open at our own facility at Södra Agnegatan 20. We offer

Private lessons

Adult courses

Get your swimming tags

Rent the whole pool

Buddy & sibling groups

Want a fun, educational and cosy activity for the whole family? Then our siblings & friends group is for you!

These groups are for all families with children under swimming school age (0-5 years). The groups are small and the instructor adapts the teaching so that all children get appropriate exercises. Some parts are done together with the whole group and some exercises are specific to the different children in the group. One parent is with each child in the water.

Are you 3 families who want to start a group? If so, contact the office and we’ll try to sort it out!

Security, joy and so much more…

Our goal is that everyone, young and old, should have the opportunity to learn to swim in a safe environment. Trampoolin has grown since its inception in 2000 and we are present at several bathing facilities in Greater Stockholm and Skåne. The ambition is for the swimming school to be the highlight of the week for the whole family!

Our courses are of 8 sessions and the lessons are 30 minutes long. We have two course starts in the autumn and spring term, during which you swim once a week. The courses are run with a desire and respect for each individual’s own abilities, and the activities are adapted accordingly.

In many facilities we also offer intensive courses in May-June where you swim twice a week, the course is a total of 7 sessions and lasts for 3.5 weeks.

Next course start – weeks 43 & 3

Babysim 3-12 months

Here, you and your child take the first steps together towards the lifelong security and joy of swimming.

Minisim 1 – 5 years

Attending Minisim will give your child the water experience and fun needed to learn to swim at an early age.

Swimming school from 4 years

Through fun and games, we teach children of all ages to learn to swim according to their abilities.


We have courses for both beginners and for those who want to improve their skills in the different swimming styles.

Private lessons

For those who want an individually tailored swimming lesson, we offer private swimming lessons.

Sibling groups

Our sibling groups are for all families with children under swimming school age!

Summer courses

Trampoolin offers intensive courses for the summer, summer swimming school and outdoor swimming school on the island.

Crawl courses

The courses are for beginners as well as for those who already know how to crawl and want to learn more.

Our aim is for the swimming school to be the highlight of the week for the whole family

Babysim and swimming schools at 15 facilities in Stockholm, Malmö and Helsingborg

We have small personal pools which allows us to keep the number of participants in the groups down. We are very careful about the quality of the water and the freshness of the facilities. Everyone should therefore shower before swimming without swimwear and with soap, and all adults should wear a swimming cap when swimming with their children. This is appreciated by both customers and staff.

Want a fun and educational extra job?

We are looking for instructors in both Stockholm and Skåne.